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Top quality Magento themes, finally

We do not have hundreds of themes like some theme providers does. Instead we have few, top quality ones that we've spent a long time creating. Every theme is unique and we've tried to remove or add features based on the target shop type, so that any Magento store owner ranging from clothing to furniture can find a theme to built their success on. Click here to see our Magento themes

Beautiful Magento themes

Professional-made Magento addons - that works

Over the last 6 years we`ve delivered- or been heavily involved in over 1000+ Magento deliveries, and thus have found pretty much all the missing pieces - and created very generic and optimized Magento addons to support these needs. We`ve also created addons where we have found others` to be too unstable. Ah yes, all modules always supports both Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. Click here to see our Magento addons

We go below sea level

Most addons and themes for Magento only touch the tip of the ice berg. For themes in particular they design the product page, the category listing, the header and footer. That’s it.

We, however, go deep. Way below sea level.

Tip of the iceberg Magento themes

We eat our dog food

We most definitely eat our own dog food (yak!).

Every week we create several new hi`end Magento webshops for clients up here in Scandiavia, and our own themes and addons are used in every corner of these deliveries.

We care about quality

Everything we develop is heavily tested, both internally and on selected beta customers. Then, after glitches are patched, we release to our internal customer base of around 300 clients. Weeks later we update, fix, adjust and improve further. Then finally, we are ready for public release. You.

Mobile first Magento themes

Mobile first'ish

With the mobile first and responsive Foundation framework from Zurb you’re equipped to tackle any future device the world decides to throw at you and your webshop. That said, we know the world is not only mobile, so dont worry about us forgetting about the iPad Mini.

Just see here how Zurb’s Foundation handled Google Glass.

Fast and clean Magento themes

Magento Upgrade compatible™

WIth hundreds of Magento stores in our own dedicated Magento hosting environment we know everything about upgrading Magento, and that one often need a black belt in PHP debugging to get Magento up to the next version.

Rest assure we have touched as few Magento template files as possible to make sure you at least wont need to spend time wrestling with the templates

Customizable Magento themes


We make and customize Magento webshops every single day of the week, 365 days a year.

We know you also do, and that you need to customize every design to fit your- or your client`s needs. And so all our Magento themes and Magento addons are made for you - the Magento professional, just like us.