About us

AddonBakery is one of the world`s most professional suppliers of Magento addons and Magento themes.

The company behind AddonBakery is one of the world's leading official Magento partners; Trollweb Solutions, based in beautiful Norway. We have developed several hundred Magento webshops, including sites such as Stormberg, Enklere Liv, NeverNaked, Unikia, Jii, Nostebarn and many many more.

The team

Our team consists of a perfect match of Magento designers and developers, UX/UI designers and Magento consultants, where most of us has been working with Magento since its first Alpha-release back in 2007.

We have already delivered Magento services to several thousand Magento clients, from every aspect ranging from design and usability to custom development and general consultancy advise. We have designed and implemented several hundred custom Magento designs from scratch.

Tired of poor Magento addons- and Magento themes?

So were we. After getting dozens of requests per day for custom Magent jobs, and spending way too much time fixing and optimizing poorly set-up Magento stores - we decided enough was enough.

Here to stay

AddonBakery has a solid company backing it up, both in terms of a great history and a robust economy - and we will be here for many many years to come, being your best Magento themes- and addons resource.

Got any questions?

We'd be thrilled to hear from you. Get in touch here.