Below you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. Should you now find the answer you are looking fore below, just send us an email and we'll get back to you shortly.

General questions

What is AddonBakery?

AddonBakery is the premier choice for professional Magento addons and the best Magento themes available. The people behind AddonBakery are the Magento specialists at Trollweb Solutions in Norway and Sweden, which is one of the longest-living official Magento partners and which has delivered and been heavily involved in over 1000+ Magento deliveries. Learn more about AddonBakery here.

What payment methods are supported for purchasing the addons?

We support PayPal and all major creditcards.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, but only to selected partners. To become a partner you need to be enrolled into our Partner program.

What support do you offer?

We offer free support in a limited period of time for all our addons. Many of our customers customize our addons to fit their client's needs - which is great, but we do not offer support on customization.

How do I contact support?

You need to visit our Support pages in order to contact support. We offer plain easy fast and outstanding email support.

FAQ for our Magento addons

What Magento versions are the addons compatible with?

In short, all addons shall work with all the latest versions of both Magento Community- and Enterprise Edition. A rule of thumb in terms of backwards compatibility is that we support the current stable version plus two versions back. We have several thousand Magento stores using our addons, and so compatibility with the latest versions is a high priority - and normally an existing addon gets verified and supported for new Magento versions within a few days after release.

What browsers are the addons compatible with?

We simply guarantee that all our Magento addons works in absolutely all modern browsers, all the way back to Internet Explorer 9. If an addon has issues in a certain browser, and we are not able to release a fix for it shortly after, we give a full refund. No more questions asked.

Who are developing the addons?

All addons are developed by our own engineers located in our headquarters here in Norway and Sweden. All our Magento developers are Magento Certified Plus, and they have been hacking on Magento since 2007.

Our Magento addons are in use in hundreds of Magento stores both delivered by ourself and by other Magento consultancy companies.

FAQ for our Magento themes

What Magento versions are the themes compatible with?

In short, our themes works with all the latest versions of Magento Community Edition, normally including 2-3 versions back. We have clients running pretty much any Magento version out there, and we have thus worked hard to overridde very few template files, to make compatibility and upgrades work like a charm.

What about Magento Enterprise Edition

We have hundreds of clients using our themes together with Magento Enterprise Edition, but we do not support it officially, that means - we do not assist on issues occuring. That said, you should be up running in a few minutes on Enterprise Edition as well with our Magento themes. Check our references list for examples of Magento Enterprise installations using our themes.

We have dozens of Enterprise Edition clients on our list where we have delivered everything including the design (using our themes are the foundation) so given we rely on our themes more than the built-in Enterprise Edition theme, you should be pretty safe following our lead and also use our themes in your Magento Enterprise Edition deliveries.

Which browsers are the themes compatible with?

We simply guarantee that all our Magento themes works in all modern browsers back to IE10. If a theme has issues in a certain browser, and we are not able to release a fix for it shortly after, we give a full refund. No more questions asked. We even give you a new theme of your choice, as a thank you for reporting a bug to us. Most likely our themes also works with older browsers, however we do not officially support these.