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The Attribute Filter Mapping module lets you easily map for example all 'color' attribute values (Dark Red, Flame Red, Light Red, Dragon Red, etc) to a new 'filter_color' attribute (Red) so that your customers will find all variants of red by just filtering on "Red" in the navigation filter. Same goes for sizes and any other attribute with many values.
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Main features:

  • Set up a new "filter_color" attribute with the 10ish main colors (Blue, Red, Green, etc) and map your "color" attributes (Sea Blue, Heaven Blue, etc) to "Blue", and let your customers filter by "Blue" to get all the blue variants.
  • Run the mapping each time you add new variants
  • The module automatically maps existing filter mappings when new products are added

How does it work?

Lets say you have an attribute, color, with a total of ~300 values (i.e colors, like "Dark Red", "Light Red", "Blood Red", "Marine Blue", "Sea Blue" and so on).

If you have several hundred products in a category, and is using Layered Navigation, you could then end up with dozens of colors in the filter - which will not be very helpful for the customers.

What you do to fix that is to create another attribute (for example "color_filter"), where you only add "Red", "Blue", "Green" and so on (maximum 10-15 colors most likely), and then - using the Filtermapping module, add mapping tables with a few clicks, so that when customers filter on Red, they actually get "Dark Red, "Light Red" and so on.

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